Civilization V – Eiffel Tower

Since its construction back in the 1880s The Eiffel Tower has become the symbol of Paris and France and is probably the most recognizable building in the world. This tower of iron and steel stands around 300 meters tall (over 980 feet for us Americans) and is visible for miles around. Despite its history and fame we were immensely disappointed. In game the Eiffel Tower grants a large happiness bonus (as well as a large tourism bonus) but it did nothing for us. Maybe there is something that I missed, but I found it to lack artistry. There is a bit around the arches of the base but the rest of the tower is steel and iron girders, like a giant erector set.

A nice thing about the tower though is that you can walk right up to it, under it, and all around it for free. If you want to go up the tower for a grand view of the Paris city sprawl you will have to pay. We did not go up. In our mind who wants to see the sprawl of Paris without the Eiffel Tower in it? Which is actually something I do like about the Eiffel Tower, its view from afar. That and the fact that you can get a soft fuzzy plush of the tower.


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