Leave a comment telling everyone which Wonder you would like to visit the most or what great place do you think should be a Wonder that isn’t.

  Great Library Alexandria, Egypt
 Mausoleum_of_Halicarnassus_(Civ5) Masoleum of Halicarnassus Bodrum, Turkey
 Pyramids_(Civ5) Pyramids Giza, Egypt
 Statue_of_Zeus_(Civ5) Statue of Zeus Olympia, Greece
 Stonehenge_(Civ5) Stonehenge Wiltshire, England
 Temple_of_Artemis_(Civ5) Temple of Artemis Ephesus, Turkey
 Colossus_(Civ5) Colossus Rhodes, Greece
 Great_Lighthouse_(Civ5) Great Lighthouse Alexandria, Egypt
 Great_Wall_(Civ5) Great Wall China
 Hanging_Gardens_(Civ5) Hanging Gardens Babylon, Iraq
 Oracle_(Civ5) Oracle Delphi, Greece
 Parthenon_(Civ5) Parthenon Athens, Greece
 Petra_(Civ5) Petra Petra, Jordan
 Terracotta_Army_(Civ5) Terracotta Army Xi’an, China
 Alhambra_(Civ5) Alhambra Granada, Spain
 Angkor_Wat_(Civ5) Angkor Wat Siem Reap, Cambodia
 Borobudur_(Civ5) Borobudur Magelang, Indonesia
 Chichen_Itza_(Civ5) Chichen Itza Tinum Municipality, Mexico
 Great_Mosque_of_Djenne_(Civ5) Great Mosque of Djenne Djenne, Mali
 Hagia_Sophia_(Civ5) Hagia Sophia Istanbul, Turkey
 Machu_Picchu_(Civ5) Machu Picchu Cuzco Region, Peru
 Notre_Dame_(Civ5) Notre Dame Paris, France
 Forbidden_Palace_(Civ5) Forbidden Palace Forbidden City (Beijing, China)
 Globe_Theatre_(Civ5) Globe Theatre London, England
 Himeji_Castle_(Civ5) Himeji Castle Himeji, Japan
 Leaning_Tower_of_Pisa_(Civ5) Leaning Tower of Pisa Pisa, Italy
 Porcelain_Tower_(Civ5) Porcelain Tower Nanjing, China
 Red_Fort_(Civ5) Red Fort Delhi and Agra, India
 Sistine_Chapel_(Civ5) Sistine Chapel Vatican City (Rome, Italy)
 Taj_Mahal_(Civ5) Taj Mahal Agra, India
 Uffizi_(Civ5) Uffizi Florence, Italy
 Big_Ben_(Civ5) Big Ben London, England
 Brandenburg_Gate_(Civ5) Brandenburg Gate Berlin, Germany
 Louvre_(Civ5) Louvre Paris, France
 Broadway_(Civ5) Broadway New York City, New York
 Eiffel_Tower_(Civ5) Eiffel Tower Paris, France
 Kremlin_(Civ5) Kremlin Moscow, Russia
 Neuschwanstein_(Civ5) Neuschwanstein Hohenschwangau, Germany
 Prora_(Civ5) Prora Rugen, Germany
 Statue_of_Liberty_(Civ5) Statue of Liberty New York City, New York
 Cristo_Redentor_(Civ5) Cristo Redentor Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 Great_Firewall_(Civ5) Great Firewall China?
 Pentagon_(Civ5) Pentagon Arlington County, Virginia
 Sydney_Opera_House_(Civ5) Sydney Opera House Sydney, Australia
 CN_Tower_(Civ5) CN Tower Toronto, Canada
 Hubble_Space_Telescope_(Civ5) Hubble Space Telescope Space
 International_Space_Station_(Civ5) International Space Station Space
 United_Nations_(Civ5) United Nations New York City, New York

You can check out more about the Civ V Wonders on their wiki page here.


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