Civilization V – Globe Theatre

Why is this a Wonder? Seriously, I don’t understand why. I’m not trying to disparage Shakespeare and his works but this building is far from wondrous. This is just a squat round building with thatch roofing, not really special as buildings go. The Globe Theatre was the stage for arguably the greatest playwright in history but Wonders should be more than just some place that great things happened. Leonardo Da Vinci, arguably the greatest mind and painter in history, painted the Mona Lisa, arguably the greatest portrait painting in history, at his chateau in Amboise, France but it is not a Wonder. Wonders should be architectural and engineering marvels. Having the Globe Theatre as a Wonder lowers the bar.

With all that said I actually think the game benefit of the Globe Theatre is appropriate to real life. Upon completing the Globe Theatre you get a free great writer and it has slots for great works of writing. While not a huge bonus it is OK, though I’m not really worried if I don’t get to build it.

Visiting the Globe Theatre is pretty easy. You can walk along the Thames and come across it near the Tate Modern museum (which is a better use of your time unless you are a big Shakespeare fan). There are frequent daily tours and plays held nearly every day with standing room tickets for less than 10 pounds. I suggest booking tickets for shows online in advance, we tried to get tickets in person and they were sadly sold out. Although there were rehearsals in progress so we were able to see some of the actors hanging out between scenes.


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