Better Belgian Waffles

On this trip we’ve had the opportunity to try many wonderful foods. Most of those delicious foods, though, we can get at home. India, for example, had amazing food, but we’ve had the same food at Indian food restaurants in the United States. The same was true of Thai food, but it is not true of Belgian waffles. Belgian waffles are infinitely better in Belgium. The secret is in the dough.

Belgian waffles in the United States are made with a batter that is very similar to pancake batter. The batter is so thin and runny that it can be poured directly onto the waffle iron. In Belgium, the waffles are made with a sweet, yeasty dough. Each sticky ball of dough has to be pressed onto the waffle iron. The result is decadent.

The inside of a Belgian waffle is thick, soft, and buttery. The outside is crisp and slightly caramelized. The yeasty dough is made with large sugar crystals that melt and form a thin shell on the outside of the waffle as it cooks. Top this little miracle with some fresh strawberries and cream, and it is worth writing home about.


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