10 Things We Will Miss About Austin

 1. All of the wonderful friends we have made. Seriously. There are some awesome people in this city. I won’t name names because, you know, privacy. You know who you are, and we love you.

2. North Village Church. Or, as I like to think of it, The Friendliest Little Church in Texas. This is the most welcoming and supportive church community I have ever encountered. Only wish we had discovered them sooner.

3. The Westbank Community Library and everyone who works there. Volunteering here was often the highlight of my week. If you have only been to the Austin Public Library, I’d recommend taking a field trip out to Westlake. You won’t want to go back.

4. Sailor Moon watching parties. Drinking while watching Japanese cartoons that remind you of your childhood? Yes, please.

5. Scotch of the Month Club. I can now order a scotch with confidence in any bar, and I didn’t break the bank trying all of them. Also, who doesn’t like a monthly excuse to get together?

6. Inks Lake, Town Lake…really, all the lakes. I have to admit, it’s been nice having such easy access to water fun.

7. The Northwest Hills Neighborhood Fourth of July Parade. All the neighborliness of a small town parade without actually living in a small town. If by some act of fate we end up back in Austin and have children, I am determined to be a member of the Lawn Chair Brigade.

8. HEB. Because they have better samples and generic brand items than Randalls, Kroger, and Albertsons combined.

9. The Dragon’s Lair. By far the coolest nerd store I have ever seen.

10. The Boulevard Grill. Good food. Good beer. Good people. Of all the delicious restaurants in Austin, this is the one we kept coming back to.


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