A Farewell to Austin

This was our last weekend in Austin. After four years the time has come to reflect our on time here. Did we experience Austin as fully as we could have? We never went to ACL. We barely attended SXSW. We still don’t care for live music. We haven’t been two-stepping. We didn’t watch the bats at Congress Avenue bridge. We never attended a UT football game or made our way to the top of the UT tower. We haven’t adopted a dog or taken to running the Ladybird Lake Trail.

In that light some people might say we failed at Austin. That’s okay, though. We may not have done everything that might be included on a list of the things you must do in Austin, but we did plenty. We discovered our favorite hangouts and restaurants. We explored. We adventured. We went camping at all of the state parks in the area. We gazed at stars and looked for wildflowers. We practiced Kung Fu. We ate plenty of tacos. We even went to Sixth Street once. We learned about Austin in our own way, and I think that is something to consider when you find yourself in a new place. You don’t always have to do the must dos. You should just try to do your must dos.

So this was our last weekend in Austin, and it was a fun one. We went kayaking, ate all of the sushi we could handle, stayed up late playing board games with friends, spent some quality time watching Sailor Moon, and had some delicious BBQ.

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