¡muy deliciosa!


In the United States, tapas are stupid. If anyone invites you out for tapas they are basically inviting you to spend a lot of money for very little food. In Spain, tapas are still not a lot of food, but they are super cheap. Tapas are just small plates of food. Usually you eat them in between lunch and dinner, so around 5:00PM in Spain.


One thing on our list of things we wanted to do in Spain was to eat paella on the beach. I’m not sure where he even came up with the idea, but it’s something Patrick has wanted to do forever. Unfortunately, we didn’t really get to eat any paella on the beach. We did, however, get to eat paella. We even ate paella once at a restaurant with a view of the beach. Paella is like the Spanish jambalaya. It’s a rice usually made with various types of seafood.

Churros con Chocolate

Churros are delicious. Hopefully you all already knew that. In Spain they like to kick it up a notch and serve churros with hot, rich drinking chocolate. The churros are not covered in sugar and cinnamon, like the ones we are used to back home. They are just fried strips of dough made for dipping in chocolate.

Jamon Currado

Spain is famous for their cured hams. There are two major types of cured ham in Spain. Jamon serrano, or ham from the mountains, is made from a breed of white pigs. Jamon iberico, the more expensive of the jamons, is made from black Iberian pigs. Both types of jamon are readily available throughout Spain. It became a favorite snack during our visit to Spain.


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