Civilization V: Stonehenge

On a lovely sunny May morning we rented a car and drove out to the fabled and mystic Stonehenge. Well Nikki did all the driving. It wasn’t amazing but it got the job done. Manual shift on the left side of the road is a bit tricky. Meanwhile I sat in the passenger seat singing Spinal Tap.

We arrived and parked in a large grassy field where I found neither banshees nor demons, nor did I hear the pipes of Pan. This is all probably for the best. What we did find though is a new state of the art museum and visitor center full of neat info about the henge and its history. Despite being some large rocks stacked up in a field Stonehenge has actually been one of our favorite wonders to visit. There is something ineffable about the site that inspires awe.

In Civ I always rush to build Stonehenge as soon as possible because it is one of the very early wonders and it gives a huge +6 culture bonus which is crucial to cement an early lead. Throughout history Stonehenge was a meeting site for various religious practices so this large culture bonus seems appropriate to me. Especially since in the Gods & Kings expansion which introduced religion and Faith points, they changed the bonus to +5 Faith.


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