Civilization V: Notre Dame

We wandered over to Notre Dame on a chilly day. While the mist dampened our clothes it could not dampen our spirits. Notre Dame is beyond beautiful. It is definitely one of our favorites of all the wonders. Going inside is completely free, you just need to be respectful and quiet. Once inside the cathedral you will find numerous amazing stained glass windows, huge vaulted ceilings, and dozens of statues. Walking around the cathedral put me in a reverent mood. I couldn’t help but to contemplate God and existence.

On the side of Notre Dame you can line up to go up the tower stairwell to the balconies and roof of the cathedral. The steps take a bit of effort so be ready for a climb. While this does cost a little bit it is definitely worth doing, especially if you want to get up close with the gargoyles.

Notre Dame gives you +10 Happiness in Civ which is a huge bonus and key to building a large empire. With the way I play this actually becomes key so that I don’t end up having Unhappiness. Paris is a city of happiness and culture and Notre Dame is the crown jewel in our opinion. As we finished our tour of the cathedral and sat in the plaza looking up at the cathedral one last time, we found ourselves happy.



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