deportes de España

PETA and I are not usually on the same page. I eat meat. Any meat. Whatever animal is served to me, I will give it a try. I go to the circus. Happily. I’ve watched those elephants dance around those three rings many a time. But after attending a bullfighting match in Madrid, I have to agree that it seems like a pretty cruel sport.

We try to watch sports that are unique to each country we visit. Bullfighting has never been a sport I have strongly desired to see, but since we were in Spain we decided to attend a match. Some sports may be difficult or expensive to get tickets to. That’s not the case with bullfighting in Madrid. All you need to do is show up at the bullfighting ring on a Sunday evening. Bullfights start around 5 or 6 PM. Don’t buy your tickets online. Just show up. It’s cheaper, and probably won’t be sold out.

So we showed up at the bullfighting ring and purchased our dos billetes mas barratos. The nosebleeds were close enough for us to see anything we might want to see of the bullfighting match. Watching a bullfighting match is like watching gamblers at a casino. The costumes sparkle like the lights of Vegas, but the bull doesn’t stand a chance. It doesn’t seem sporting at all.

It’s supposed to be man versus beast, matador versus bull, but the matador doesn’t even appear until the bull is already bloody and defeated. Before he shows up, the bull is taunted by his underlings, who hide behind a blockade when the bull charges. Then some people show up on armored horses and stab the bull with spears. After that, a few more people enter the ring and stick some barbs in the bull’s neck. Finally, the matador makes his appearance. He waves his cape a few times, teasing the bull before finally stabbing a sword into its back.

Of course, there are still some fans of bullfighting. Some people understand all of the rules and know when to cheer for the matador. To those people bullfighting may actually look like a sport, but for the rest of us it just looks sad. We left early and headed to a much more humane (and human) sporting event: futbol.


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