Indonesian for Delicious

In some areas of Indonesia you can get by with just English, but when it comes to ordering food it is useful to learn a few words. Pretty much any food you order will be delicious and cheap. This is just a guide to make sure you order exactly what you want.



Nasi Rice Goreng Fried
Sayuran Vegetables Rebus Boiled
Ayam Chicken Sate Satay
Babi Pork Bakar Barbecued
Kambing Goat Sambal Hot Sauce
Bebek Duck Soto Soup (traditional Indonesian style)
Sapi Beef Sop Soup (foreign style of soup)
Mie Noodles
Telur Egg
Ikan Fish
Udang Prawns
Tahu Tofu  


The chart above will help decipher a fair amount of Indonesian menus. Simply select the type of food you want, and how you would like it to be prepared. For example, if you are looking for fried rice you will need to look for nasi goreng on the menu. Likewise, fried chicken would be ayam goreng.

Of course, there are a few specialty dishes that method won’t cover. The specialty dishes will vary widely depending on which area of Indonesia you are in – it is a big country made up of many different islands after all. Here are a few. For the rest, we’d recommend just diving in and trying something new. Even if you don’t like it, you probably only spent a dollar or two.


Bakso Meatballs, usually served in soup
Cap Cai Stir-fried vegetables
Gudeg Vegetable and meat in coconut milk sauce
Kwetiau Ayam Flat fried noodles with vegetables and chicken
Nasi Campur Rice with assorted vegetables and meat.
Nasi Kuning Rice cooked with coconut milk and tumeric


One of the things I love about eating in Indonesia is that I can afford to try all of the fancy drinks. No more “Just water, thanks,” for this girl. Also, the juice in Indonesia is amazing. It is literally freshly juiced fruit. In the states you would have to go to some high-end, organic health food store to get the quality of juice that you will find on any street corner in Indonesia.


Bintang Local beer
Kopi Coffee
Teh Tea
Jus Juice
Es Iced

After you’ve had a delicious meal, don’t forget to say terima kasih (thank you)! Hopefully this will help you out next time you find yourself in Indonesia. What Indonesian dishes have you tried and loved?


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