He Packs/She Packs

People often ask us “How do you even pack for such a long trip?” The truth is that we each do it differently. Patrick and I approach everything differently, including packing our bags and even writing this post. I packed more clothes than he did. He packed more gadgets than I did. We have both put a lot of thought and research into what we are bringing, and it has been challenging. You don’t want to over pack because you have to carry your pack all over the place but you also want to have everything you need. A key to remember is that you can buy things along the way, often cheaper than in the USA. We’re not sure what will survive the entire trip. I’m sure there are some things we will just toss three months in and other things we will be so thankful to have brought. We’re perfectly prepared for none of the clothes to come back with us. While there are probably some things that we could shed from our packs, currently we are pretty comfortable with what we have so we’ve broken it down for you.

He Packs

Patrick’s stuff:

Clothes  Gear
Base Layers  Electronics
 – long sleeve top  – camera
 – long pant  – laptop
 – 3 pair short socks  – headphones
 – 2 pair long socks  – snapcam
 – 2 pair boxer-briefs  – multi plug
 – universal adapter & converter set
Pants  – cell phone
 – 1 pair jeans  – carrying case
 – 1 pair linen
 – 1 swim suit Equipment
 – bedroll
Shirts  – travel towel
 – 1 long sleeve linen  – travel utensils
 – 1 short sleeve linen  – travel bowl and cup
 – 2 light weight short sleeve  – nail clippers
 – 1 light weight long sleeve  – clothesline
 – compass multi tool
Outerwear  – comb
 – 1 rain jacket  – toothbrush
 – 1 flannel shirt/jacket  – space saver bags
 – 1 hat  – eye glass screwdriver
 – 1 balclava  – umbrella
 – 1 pair flip-flops  – flashlight
 – 1 pair hiking shoes  – water purifier
 – extra glasses
Writing / Reading  – RediClinic symbols chart
 – pens & pencils  – locks
 – journal  – extra sack
 – pocket notepad  – backpack w/ detach day pack
 – story notes  – water tight small cases


She Packs



Tops Accessories
 – 1 long sleeve shirt  – 1 ball cap
 – 2 short sleeve shirts  – 1 beanie
 – 3 tank tops  – 1 scarf
 – 2 nicer tops  – 1 belt
 – 1 sweater  – 1 pair stockings
 – 1 cardigan  – 1 pair sunglasses
 – 1 flannel shirt  – 1 bandana
Bottoms Shoes
 – 1 pair jeans  – flip flops
 – 1 pair jogger pants  – tennis shoes
 – 2 pair leggings  – flats
 – 2 pairs shorts  – hiking/athletic shoes
 – 2 dresses
 – 2 bathing suits
 – 1 raincoat


Personal Care

Hygeine First Aid
 – face wash  – bandaids
 – deoderant  – thermometer
 – acne cream  – vitamin c
 – toothbrush  – traveler’s sickness pills
 – toothpaste  – neosporin
 – floss  – sunscreen
 – epilator  – bug reppelent
 – qtips
Make Up
Hair Care  – bb cream
 – shampoo  – lipstick
 – conditioner  – mascara
 – hair crème  – compact mirror
 – comb
 – hair elastics
 – bobby pins (I have about a million so I’m good for, like, a week)



 – olympus om-d (specifically selected because it it so small and cute and reminds me of my first om-1 film camera)
 – olympus tg- 3 (waterproof camera)
 – bodycap fisheye lense
 – zoom lens
 – flash drive
 – flashlight
 – reading light
 – tablet
 – charging accessories



 – sleeping bag (this had better pay of because it takes up a lot of bag space)
 – water bottle
 – towel
 – money belt
 – 2 locks
 – notepad
 – journal
 – pen
 – highlighter
 – jumprope
 – collapsible bowl
 – collapsable cup
 – silverware set
 – passport
 – immunization card
 – wallet

And here is what it looks like fully-packed:

Packing Tips

Compressible Bags

Compressible bags can be very useful for squishing your clothes down to a more manageable size. I found some at TJ Maxx for about $7.00, and Patrick bought some online years ago. I use it for all of the bigger items that don’t roll well like jeans, sweaters, and dresses. Patrick has two and uses them for all of his clothes.

Roll Your Clothes

All of my clothes that aren’t in the compressible bag are rolled up to save space. You can find some great tutorials for rolling all sorts of clothing items here.

Stuff Your Shoes

If you have a pair of shoes going in your pack, be sure to use that extra space. Roll up small items like socks or underwear and shove them in your shoes before packing them. I know it’s not a lot, but every little bit of space helps when you’re traveling for so long.

Liquids on Top

Think about what you are going to have to pull out of your bag to get through security, and make sure that those things are easy to access. Typically you will need to remove your liquids and laptop. If those two things are easy to reach then you and everyone else in line behind you will be much happier.

There you have it. That is all we have packed, plus some tips for your next trip. We’ll keep you posted on what survives and what doesn’t. Let us know if you have any packing tips!


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