A.K.A. The Green Ghost

So as you all probably know from earlier posts, I dyed my hair green. Nikki dyed her hair too. We did this as a little way to have some fun since neither of us had ever dyed our hair before and we didn’t have to worry about appearances around the office.

Well, having green hair has been interesting. I have gotten a lot of positive comments from people. Usually something like “I love your hair! I want to do that.” Those interactions have been fun. The hair has served as a little ice breaker for a pleasant quick conversation. But not everyone who notices my hair says something. I catch them looking me over, as you would anyone you see on the bus, and then they look at my hair. And then at me. And then at my hair again, and then away. Ladies, is this what it’s like to have breasts? I don’t mind the stares so much, but I do feel a little judgment.

I have noticed that people make assumptions based on my hair, and they aren’t always good ones. For instance, while walking the beach front of Waikiki I have been discreetly offered drugs 3 times by a call out referencing ‘green’. This also happened on the bus once. However the most interesting and trip affecting result of my green hair has come from trying to get a short term rental home in Thailand. We found a nice rental that worked with our budget and travel plans but the owner refused us specifically because I have green hair and the neighbors might “think you are a ghost”. Apparently northern Thailand is very conservative and superstitious.

So I’m a little sad to say that I will not be working to maintain the green throughout the trip. By the time we leave Australia a month from now, my hair will either be dyed to a natural color or cut back to the roots. But we shouldn’t be surprised. As a wise frog once said-

“It’s not easy being green”


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