Honolulu and Waikiki

So the other day we ventured into the capital of Hawaii, Honolulu. Despite a very long bus ride to get there we wandered around and had a great day. Our First stop was the only royal palace in the United States; Iolani Palace. This was the palace for the Hawaiian royal family before annexation into the US. The palace is both grand and simple with few rooms but each room is fantastic and at the time of construction was on the forefront of technology due its flush toilets and electric lights.

After exploring the palace and learning a bit about the Hawaiian history we of course had to visit the library nearby, ’cause you know.. Nikki. The library was simple and nice and had a pretty neat courtyard with nice flowers. We didn’t really spend much time there aside from getting more bus route information. Bus info we quickly used to get us to Waikiki beach.

Walking up and down Waikiki beach we immediately began to notice how many cookie shops there are. not even kidding, there is at least one cookie shop on every block. The place should be called Waicookie, (WhyCookie? because they are delicious).

The Waikiki beach is beautiful but also very crowded. We both prefer the beaches of Makaha. However the Waikiki beach did have a free hula show thanks to the Hyatt Regency.


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