All Hallows Eve!


Halloween is kinda a BIG deal for my dad. Throughout college I helped out setup the creepy décor, and when night fell I donned black robes and capes and added my je ne sais quoi to the performance. Unfortunately, I have missed out over the past few years. Which is why I was excited when this past weekend I had the delightfully spooky opportunity to once again scare the pee out of little kids. Nikki joined in for some of the fun for a bit, but she also had Halloween adventures of her own to attend. She and her sisters danced the night away at a Halloween party.

Ultimately, Halloween came and passed. After a few days of recovering from the frivolities and visiting family, we are preparing to load onto our first plane flight before the crack of dawn. Destination – Hawaii! We will be staying in Oahu through Thanksgiving and then the Big Island through Christmas.

While we are excited to have some time “alone” (us, the beach, and a few gallons of pina coladas), we are also hoping someone will join us in Hawaii for a few days, so let us know if you want to come to a luau soon.


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