Hair! The Sequel

Previously on Gensert Travels…Patrick attempted to bleach Nikki’s hair resulting in an interesting reverse ombre effect before travelling to Harker Heights where they were greeted by their littlest niece asking, “Aunt Nikki, why is your hair yellow and orange?”

After leaving Harker Heights we headed to Midland (The Tall City) to visit Patrick’s mom. Upon hearing about our hair color dreams she generously offered to schedule an appointment at her regular hair salon.

My request for the hair stylist was to make my hair red red. Unnaturally red. Patrick’s request was to make his hair grass green. Not teal or chartreuse–just green.

The outcome is pretty, if not exactly what we had in mind. Because we had already bleached my hair, the stylist did not want to bleach it again and risk damaging it more. What she did instead was to add a filler color before the red dye, which resulted in a much darker and purplier red than I was hoping for. She did say that it will brighten up over time, and I think that it has. It looks especially red in the sunlight.

Patrick’s hair color is beautiful if not grass green. He looks like a merman. It seems like green is just a difficult color to get right when it comes to hair dye. Before going to the salon we had shopped for green dye to do his hair at home. It is surprisingly difficult to find green dye that is not teal.

All in all, I am declaring this adventure a success, and now that our glorious locks are beautifully dyed we can move onto more important travel planning…like travel insurance. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you informed.

Crazy Hair


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