Pumpkin Patch

We are currently making our tour of Texas visiting family and friends before we head off on our travels. Our first stop was Harker Heights. For those of you unfamiliar with Harker Heights, here is a brief history (courtesy of Wikipedia):

“Water Control and Improvement District No. 4 was established on land near the Killeen city limits and the military post in 1955, and included the land owned by Pinckney R. Cox and Harley Kern, two hog farmers. These two men subdivided their land in 1957 and began selling lots. By 1960, between 600 and 700 of the lots had been developed and new residents supplied with water and other utility services. Following a petition for an incorporation election, the city was established on September 24, 1960, and Cox was elected mayor. Kern had died before the incorporation, and the Harker in Harker Heights was a concatenation of Harley Kern’s name as a tribute to one of the original landowners.”

As exciting as that little history lesson was, any four-to-six-year-old can tell you that the one thing you must do in Harker Heights in October is visit the Pumpkin Patch. So, after Patrick had his hair styled by our adorable niece, we headed that way.



Patrick’s defense of his silly face in this picture is that it was bright outside. Nikki says he is adorable and doesn’t understand what he is worried about. It was a wonderful day with the family. If you ever find yourself in Harker Heights in October, we would recommend the Pumpkin Patch at the First United Methodist Church for all of your pumpkin needs.



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